Refreshing Dill Pickle Lemonade Recipe

The idea of mixing lemonade and pickle juice is not one that comes to mind for many people… Nevertheless, here we are! And we are here to reassure you that despite how frightening or unpleasant the combination may sound, it really isn’t that bad! You have to test out our recipe for Refreshing Dill Pickle … Read more

Beautiful Beetroot Brownies Recipe

This week is National Baking Week and to celebrate I decided to make brownies, very special brownies with a intriguing ingredient. My love of baking is well documented. I enjoy it because it is stress-relieving, creative, rewarding, fun and I believe a home-baked good is always better than shop bought. Hugh is officially a god. If he … Read more

Mini Carrot Cakes Recipe

Given my love of all cakes and all things vegetable it’s taken me nearly 28 years to accept that they can work really well together. I blame far too many dry, over sweet, mass-produced carrot cakes of the past. Hugh F-W inspired me to put beetroot in brownies and squash in cake. About a month ago I had … Read more

Stir Fry Roast Beef with Hoisin Sauce

Hubbie and I have been away for the weekend with family. Ever so often we all meet up, drink lots of drink, eat lots of food and then all crash out at the house of who ever is hosting the party. We were planning to have a BBQ, but with the recent weather being the … Read more

Fresh From The Oven – Chocolate Buns

This month’s Fresh from the Oven challenge was hosted by Chele. Although the recipe appeared challenging at first, it was certainly enjoyable…and delicious. As there is only 2 of us a batch of 24 wasn’t exactly practical so I halved the recipe then froze half of the buns to be baked at a later date. This is the … Read more

Cream Tea Recipe

Films, literature, a walk through York or London and even browsing wikipedia will make you believe that us Brits drop everything mid-afternoon and eat Afternoon Tea or Cream Tea. Trust me, I don’t know a single person who regularly eats Cream Tea, I bet even the Queen doesn’t. However, with the current trend of getting … Read more

Cream Tea Diaries – Gliffaes

This entry is more of a tribute. The lady who inspired the Cream Tea Diaries blogposts, my Grandma-in-law, passed away suddenly in July at the grand age of 90. I promised to keep our Afternoon/Cream Tea visits in her memory. While on holiday in Wales we were recommended a great place called Gliffaes for Afternoon Tea and it didn’t disappoint. Gliffaes … Read more

Stirring up for Sunday – Whisky Pudding

The tradition to begin Christmas food preparation, inparticular the Christmas Pudding, begins on Stir up Sunday which is the last Sunday before advent. This year falls it falls on 21st November. The term Stir-up Sunday comes from the first verse of the collect for the day and has been adopted by the Anglican church. Stir up, we … Read more