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With the explosion of the wine industry’s popularity in recent years has come the increase in memberships to various wine clubs across the globe. In fact, wine clubs have quickly become part of modern wine culture, with true enthusiasts belonging to one or perhaps several clubs at a time!

Wine clubs are meant to provide customers – wine novices and aficionados alike – with the opportunity to try new and exciting wines on a regular basis.

Why you should first read some reviews and tips…

There are many choices out there. But, it’s also easy to get confused by all the different wine clubs like single bottle wine club, west coast wine club, red trio wine club and so many more!

Then there are different wine club providers like the Cellars Wine ClubCalifornia Wine ClubFour Seasons Wine ClubGold Medal Wine ClubOriginal Wine of The Month Club®The Plonk Wine Club and many others. And in order to choose the best wine club for you – you also need to distinguish between monthly and quarterly delivery of wine bottles.

In a short sentence: This website provides you with information, tips and reviews about wine clubs which make it easier for you to find and choose the best wine club depending on your needs.

Where to start your wine journey?

This site is geared towards wine clubs, but you’ll also find many articles – solely on wine! Here are some of the information you’ll find on this site:

Wine Clubs
What are wine clubs?Why join a wine of the month club?How to find the best wine club?
 All about Red Wines
Health benefits of red wineCalories in red wineTypes of fruity red winesDry red wine types
 All about White Wines
How to tell if a white wine is dry?Calories in white wineFewer calories than red wine?
 Wine Gifts
Selection of wine related giftsWine club giftsWine gift baskets
 Wine Guide
Wine for beginnersBasic wine informationWine tasting in CaliforniaWine regions to visit in Italy…and much more!

My final advice to use this website provides you with tips, reviews and recommendations that will help you make the final choice for the best monthly wine club.

Choose your wine club depending on:

  • your needs,
  • your preferred types of wine,
  • the frequency of supplies and, of course,
  • your budget!

With this website I want to share my passion for wine with the world, and of course, help you make the perfect choice for a wine of the month club.

Cheers! Your Wine Club Wizard