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Nearly every wine club offers excellent wines to members on a monthly basis. Some do it differently, sending out larger quantities on a quarterly basis. But for the most part, the idea is the same.

Wine lovers want to try different wines from different parts of the world while still have access to their favorites. But clubs around the globe add something a little extra to their “menu” with wine of the month gifts.

These gifts may consist of a membership in the wine club, presented as a certificate or other notice that someone has opened the door to the world of wine for us. Other gifts might include: wine glasses, corkscrews, coasters, wearing apparel and so on. However, the most common way to invite someone new to enjoy this great drink is to give them a wine-of-the-month gift membership first, then add to it through the years with other items.

At the Gift Shop

Most wineries have gift shops, whether they are online “stores” or actually a section of the winery business open to walk-in business. For someone wandering through a gift shop or browsing online it’s tempting to buy additional wine varieties and wine accessories. Thoughtful shoppers look at the choices and think of friends, family members and business associates who might also enjoy the wine experience.

One of the easiest ways to start wine-gift giving is to purchase a single bottle of great wine from your wine club or from a local winery. Some clubs even have a single-bottle level among their wine-of-the-month gift memberships.

Why not choose a respected Merlot or a Sauvignon Blanc, depending on the individual tastes of the recipient?

If the individual is already a wine aficionado you might want to extend the invitation to join the case club, a new option from some of the clubs.

Great Wines to You

Of course, the real attraction with wine of the month gifts is the opportunity to experience great wines from around the world. Clubs such as the International Wine of the Month Club, for example, choose wines from boutique vineyards and offer them in a Premier Series, Masters Series and Collectors Series.

The original Wine of the Month Club in California has its memberships divided into the Classic Series, Vintners Series and Limited Series. All are presented as great gift ideas.

Choosing a bottle or two of great wine as a gift might be good for many occasions, but there are many added benefits of a wine-of-the-month gift. Consider the expertise behind each and every selection that will arrive monthly.

Clubs have panels of tasters and judges who bring years of experience to the table. Not only is the gift recipient enjoying fine wines, he or she is also receiving an education in the fascinating world of wine. Add to this the up-to-date information and great reading that comes with each issue of the wine-of-the-month newsletter and the gift literally keeps on giving throughout the year.

It’s Hard to Find Something Better

A majority of the wines offered in monthly clubs are difficult if not impossible to purchase from other sources. Many small wineries have limited-production varieties that aren’t distributed through retail outlets.

If you are not able to travel to another location to purchase these wines, you probably won’t have the opportunity to enjoy them. That’s where wine club memberships come in. Friends and family members who know even a little about the world of wine will understand how special wine of the month gifts are.

This type of gift should be on the top of your corporate and business gift list. No other gift makes the same statement of quality and exclusivity. Many wine-of-the-month clubs have assigned specific staff members to the corporate/business accounts. Some corporate programs offer combination gifts of cheese, chocolate and wine that are not available to others. Volume discounts are another benefit of corporate wine-of-the-month gifts.

Finally, this type of gift is perfect for weddings and anniversaries. With careful shopping and some help from a club’s expert staff, you can find that unique, special wedding gift. It will be remembered!

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