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To paraphrase the great poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning: How do I love wine? Let me count the ways. Because wine popularity has exploded around the world in recent years it is quite easy to find wine gifts online. In fact, there are thousands of options. You’ll just have to choose according to quality, reliability and security of payment.

Wine gifts are certainly not for everybody. But you won’t go wrong buying wine or a wine gift from one of the many excellent Internet merchants. As you search for the right vendor and the right gift, you may want to find out if the company has a physical location within a reasonable distance.

This may make your gift-buying go a bit better. On the other side of the coin, the Internet allows you to select wine related gifts from merchants located on the other side of the planet, adding a touch of class and mystery to the gift.

How to Choose

Variety is definitely the spice of life when it comes to wine-related gifts. Online merchants offer everything from the simplest wine-bottle keychain or single bottle of wine to extravagant gift baskets that contain fine wines and food items. You will also be able to buy a wonderful wine-glass set or a wine “kit” in a beautiful wood presentation case.

In addition to the variety of gifts you will find online vendors who specialize in creating gifts for special occasions. If you need a gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, Christmas or other holiday, you will most likely find a wine gift to fit the occasion.

Some vendors offer the option of custom-made wine gift baskets and personalized items. These may carry a slightly higher price but the thought behind personalized gifts makes the extra effort worthwhile.

For the Price

Gift variety is not the only strong point when you think about buying wine gifts online. Prices vary remarkably, from a few dollars for small accessories like corkscrews and coasters to hundreds of dollars for exquisite baskets and wine selections. Consider buying quality corkscrews, wine-bottle stoppers, food items such as cheese and snacks then combine all these into a one-of-a-kind gift. Online merchants may work with you to create a custom gift basket or gift box to suit the recipient and the occasion.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to small items or a small selection of wines. You can select from home wine racks, do-it-yourself wine rack kits and wine refrigerator/cooler models from some of the top manufacturers.

Man vendors specialize in the careful handling and shipping of larger wine-related items, so don’t limit yourself when thinking about wine gifts online. Just make sure the shipping and handling costs are clearly explained. Insure any items that carry a larger price tag.

Let Them Wear Wine

We’re not suggesting that you spill some wine on your clothes so that everyone will know you are a wine aficionado. It would be better to select an article of wine-related clothing or jewelry designed with a wine theme. Giving these items as gifts is more than a good one-time idea. It allows the gift receiver to tell the world about their passion, over and over.

Prices for clothing and jewelry with a wine theme range from a few dollars for the simplest shirt or sterling silver earrings to hundreds of dollars for diamonds that are cut to look like grapes! Watches, bracelets and necklaces are a great idea when you are buying wine gifts online.

Safe and Secure

Whether you are purchasing wine, wine gifts or any other gift item online, you should read the site’s safety and security information before moving ahead. Be sure to shop at secure Web sites.

Things to look for: https:// - The “s” shows that this site uses security encryption.

You may not see this on the home page but probably will on the page where you select a gift and/or make payment. If you see a broken key or a padlock symbol that is unlocked, you may be on an insecure site. These are standard ways to inform online shoppers.

You may want to look for testimonials from past and current customers. Many wine-gift sites are proud to display customer feedback. Do some research on the site first and be sure to look for phone numbers and addresses in the customer service area of the site. If you have questions or doubts, contact the company and ask questions.

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