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Almost every wine club around the world makes gift memberships and gift certificates available to members and visitors. These general-category certificates range from amounts as small as $25 to $1,000 and more.

Smaller certificates are perfect for friends, family members and business associates who might want to select a one-time gift from the wine shop. A great bottle of wine, some kitchen/den accessories with a wine theme or an item of clothing may be just right for the certificates on the lower end of the price scale.

With slightly larger amounts you can give a gift that is perfect for the holiday season, a wedding or a birthday. When a fellow worker is preparing for retirement, for example, a $100 or $200 gift certificate might get them started with a wine club membership or help them stock a new wine room for the first time.

Beautiful and useful gift items and baskets are also available in this price range.

Certificates for Specific Gifts

Some of the long-running wine clubs have developed gift certificates for certain items. For example, one club offers classes in various wine-related areas in prices ranging from $35 to $175.

A much-prized tasting set is also available with a particular certificate. For those who want to give a more expensive gift, the company also offers a private tasting/tutoring session for a dozen people or more, with a $500 price tag.

Gift certificates in both the “you choose” category and the “specific” category are among the easiest gifts to give, especially in the last few years. Wine clubs and wine-product companies have established excellent, easy-to-use online stores. Local wineries are eager and helpful when it comes to discussing gift certificates.

Certificates can be purchased quickly and safely with a major credit card. With sufficient lead time you can provide a gift certificate that will allow the recipient to start a club membership or choose an item to be delivered at a specific date. If you have waited a bit too long to buy your friend or family member a gift, these online certificates can be available in a very short time!

Many online clubs and wine-product companies can deliver notice of a gift certificate immediately when you provide the recipient’s email address. You can also arrange to have the notice or printed certificate delivered on a specific date so that the surprise is handled perfectly.

It’s important to understand that wine gift certificates usable immediately, even for the tax and shipping costs that come with ordering online.

Learning about Wine

If you are concerned about what amount to spend, some clubs allow you to choose a dollar amount, though most insist that you round the amount to the nearest $5 or $10 level. Many of the companies allow the recipient to use the certificate over a period of time!

For example, a $500 certificate could be used for $200 worth of wine and accessories in the spring then used again for additional wine later in the year.

But buying wine and wine-related items isn’t the only benefit of wine gift certificates. We mentioned earlier that some clubs and wine sites offer educational tools and classes. These can be a perfect use for a gift certificate.

The best part about choosing gift certificates (or wine club gift certificates) is that you don’t have to decide on a gift that will fit the individual. If you know they are wine enthusiasts almost any certificate, in any amount, will work well.

Wine Club Gift Certificates -- Summing Up

It’s difficult to select just the right gift for every occasion. Some ideas work well for Christmas or a birthday but may not be correct for retirement or a going-away present.

But wine and wine-related items fit any occasion, especially if the gift is a certificate that allows the recipient to make a choice. When the recipient is relatively new to the wine experience a wine-tasting gift certificate would be a wonderful idea.

If the recipient is a wine veteran a general certificate will fit the bill, since they can choose wine or other items as they wish. Give a wine club gift certificate and be sure!

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