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The answer to the question - What type of wine is Pinot Noir – is not complicated. This red wine has an ancient history dating back to the region of Gaul even before the Romans took control of much of Europe.

Considered one of the lighter red wines, pinot noir has long been a staple of French vineyards. It is widely used in the well-known wine region of Burgundy. Many experienced wine writers and growers believe that the pinot noir grape produces the best wine on the planet.

In the last two decades, this excellent variety has become popular in California and the U.S. northwest, as well as in the growing wine industry of New Zealand and Australia. Doing best in cooler areas of the world, the pinot noir grape can be hard to manage without experience in growing and wine-making.

Once the grape is successfully grown and harvested, and patience is employed to get a quality wine, Pinot Noir is among the most desired wines in the world.

Pinot Noir wineyard

Pinot Noir vineyard
-- What type of wine is Pinot Noir? --

People in dozens of countries around the world are now working with this variety. The pinot noir has grown to such popularity in part because people are quite familiar with the name “Burgundy” and associate this wine with that area. This reputation is much deserved since that region is one of the few to have consistent success with the grape.

Pinot noir grapes The slope of the ground at the vineyard has much to do with how the grape responds to the sun. In addition, a particular type of soil will help the pinot noir achieve top quality. The grape needs a soil with sufficient calcium content that drains well.

Every bit of research and writing on the pinot noir grape typifies it as difficult to grow to perfection. The vineyard must not get too much midday sun and must also have consistently cool nights.

What type of wine is Pinot Noir? These specific conditions give Pinot Noir its wonderful color, ranging across the red spectrum. In addition, Pinot Noir has a wonderful earthy taste when properly developed, along with strong hints of plum or raspberry.

Often called a “noble” wine by writers and tasters, Pinot Noir works well with:

  • meals of game dishes and with some of the lighter red meats as well.

  • Connoisseurs suggest pairing this great wine with a light-to-medium beef dish,

  • or a meal that includes a red sauce as a key ingredient.

It is possible to enjoy Pinot Noir as soon as it is ready for consumption. However, great Pinot Noir can age for several years before reaching its peak. Since production of Pinot Noir is somewhat restricted by the growing requirements it may be a bit more expensive than other red wines.

Of course, it is highly sought after if it comes from the original growing region in France. Some nice Pinot Noir wine is produced in Germany, Austria, California and Australia, however.

If price is the first consideration, Pinot Noir won’t be at the top of the bargain list. But the unique color, flavor and aroma make it worth the investment!

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