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What two wines is France famous for? Anyone who is even slightly experienced in the world of wine should be able to provide at least one of the names. Actually, the challenge might be to name just two of the wines France is famous for. In some opinions it’s difficult to limit the answer to only two.

Coming up with wine names may be a bit more difficult for the absolute beginner or someone who doesn’t have the passion for wine that has captured millions around the world. However, since there are a number of popular wines from the country of France, we should be able to start our list with the well-known word “Champagne.”

This name can only be applied to wines that have a specific character, even if another wine looks and tastes like “Champagne.” Just because a wine is sparkling and white doesn’t mean that it is Champagne. If a Chardonnay grape is used then it may well be a sparkling wine of very high quality. But it is only Champagne if it comes from the area of France by the same name.

Many people know of this region, but may not realize that it is such a small portion of the larger nation. According to wine-industry records and historical documents there are only about five specific growing areas that can use the word “Champagne” to describe the finished product. This is a major area of contention within the country of France and often within the wine industry.

But “Champagne” is the easiest to name among wines from France. It is certainly included when discussing: What two wines is France famous for? The real task is to come up with another wine that represents the country more than any other variety. Some lists that start with Champagne continue with Beaujolais or Chardonnay.

This latter variety has even been called the “queen” of white grapes so it could well qualify as one of the two wines considered “most French.” Some wine critics and writers have pointed out that Chardonnay is now produced with excellent quality in other places around the world. It is no longer exclusive to France, in their opinion.

Perhaps it would be easiest to agree on the variety that has a name almost as recognizable as Champagne. In the world of wine, Burgundy has become quite well-known around the globe, so much so that the wonderful color associated with the wine and the region is used to describe an individual’s favorite hue, a deep red.

In fact, historical narratives show that there was a strong rivalry between the Champagne region and the Burgundy region for many years, especially in the 1600s and 1700s. This rivalry may not be quite as strong today, but its remnants carried on into the 19th and 20th centuries.

France is certainly famous for its Champagne and for its wonderful Burgundy wines. So there we have it – at least we have a beginning with these two recognizable names.

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