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Let me first ask you a question...

Why would anyone want to personalize a wine bottle?

Some folks outside the wine industry might have serious doubts about the importance of serving wine from personalized bottles.

But wine lovers and wine producers understand how crucial it is to find a niche’ and separate one wine from another (or a favorite wine from all the rest). That’s where personalized wine bottles enter the picture.

Now, don’t assume that putting a personal touch on a bottle of wine means just ordering a few funny or interesting labels and handing them out to friends and family members. That’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg!

Of course, personalized labels are great gift ideas, especially for major occasions such as weddings and anniversaries.

Why not give personalized wine bottles as a holiday or birthday gift?

It’s a safe bet that the person receiving this unique gift will be pleased as punch (pleased as wine?)

Let’s step beyond the giving of individual gifts on a one-time basis and take personalized wine to another level. It’s always difficult to give specific examples because there are many other sources that will be left out.

Some Companies which sell personalized wine bottles

*These companies are presented as examples only. We do not intend to endorse or recommend any individual company.

But allow us to point you in the general direction with an example from a company called Etching Expressions. They offer not only custom labels but also provide etched wine and champagne bottles that enhance the gift idea even more!

Here’s the way the company states it:

“If your recipient has just about everything in the world or you're not exactly sure as to what they like, custom labeled wine bottles are the perfect personalized gift both types will be sure to enjoy.” That’s just the labels!

Etching Expression

Etching Expression website

With this company and a few others you can “add your own custom, personalized message to any etched wine or champagne bottle.”

Prices for a one-of-a-kind etched bottle are about $65, though multiples start at about $18 from some suppliers. Custom print is etched and then filled with a variety of colors.

Gold and silver paint are offered as well. You can have the bottle shipped with a choice of champagnes or wines. Choose from a list of available wine/champagne types. Cost for the wine is in addition to the bottle cost.

Another good source for personalized wine is Custom Wine Source. This online company is billed as “purveyors of distinctive wine labels.”

If you are in the market for an individual gift, corporate “thank you” gifts, custom labels for your winery or restaurant, this might be a good source. You may work with the company representative to design your own label or you may incorporate “the wonderful artwork of wine cartoonist Doug Pike,” for a touch of humor.


Costom Wine website

Custom Wine Source offers “a large number of festive and special-occasion label templates” that help you design your individual or business label. Most suppliers of personalized wine also offer the option of putting a photo or company logo on the bottle as well.

Of course, this company and others will help you choose a wine that will fit perfectly with the customized bottle. Custom Wine Source has been in the personalized wine bottle business for more than a dozen years.

Another source for “personalized wine” is This company specializes in “distinguished personalized wine gifts” The majority of the online business conducted by this company is in personalized wine bottles.

As with the other suppliers, a number of design packages and templates are available. also offers a nice selection of wines at an additional cost.


Plaza Wines website

There are some limitations on shipping wine, if you choose to have your personalized bottles filled with a great Merlot, Pinot Grigio etc. Some states allow only one case per month to be delivered to individuals, while others permit two or three cases.

Wines will not be delivered to a Post Office box. Since the recipient of alcoholic beverages must be 21 or older companies providing filled wine bottles usually require business identification numbers or dates of birth for their records.

But these few restrictions shouldn’t stand in the way of giving a treasured gift such as personalized wine bottles.

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