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Since 1992, the Gold Medal wine club has been one of America’s leading independent wine clubs. Every year, more and more people seem to become members and learn more about wines of the world than they would ever by just visiting their local shop. 

Gold Medal is a truly unique wine club that offers a wide variety of wines, not based on the board’s personal preferences, but on what is new and exciting in the world of wines.

High Quality Wines Only

The wines offered by this exclusive wine club are required to meet strict standards in order to make the cut. Gold Medal chooses wines that not only are highly recommended by wine connoisseurs but that have also won multiple awards in major wine competitions.

High ratings from revered wine publications such as Wine Enthusiast, Wine Spectator, The Wine Advocate, and Wine & Spirits, is also required. The board of the Gold Medal club believes in providing only the best of the best to its members.

Gold Medal wine club website

Gold Medal wine club website

Boutique Wines

Though the wines offered by Gold Medal’s club are the best in the world, they are not necessarily wines produced by the biggest names. Many of the wines offered through this club are actually from boutique wineries, and some of the best at that. 

Often, these boutique wineries will offer exclusive vintages and varietals to Gold Medal and not to any other distributor. This means that many wines offered through this club are not found in stores or wine shops.

One perk of Gold Medal's wine club is that exceptionally good wines are made available to members at a deeply discounted rate. Most wines are offered at 33% off of the winery direct price, which means the prices simply cannot be beat. Combined with other savings offered to members with series memberships and additional loyalty specials, the money saved by ordering wines through the club is significant.

Five Series for Club Members

Gold Medal offers five different series for members to choose from. This variety of series allows for members to find a setup that suits their needs and wine interests. The flexibility of having several different options within a single club also allows for members to meet their budget requirements as well.

All the wines, no matter what series, are the best in the world ranging from hard-to-find wines to award-winning varieties and offered at an incredible value.

In all, Gold Medal Wine Club offers a wide variety of wines and vintages from the very best growers and wineries from not just California, but the entire world. Members enjoy deeply discounted wines when making purchases through the club directly and other perks such as exclusive tours and tasting discounts at featured wineries across the globe.

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