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Although many wine experts and professionals may disagree, the best Italian wine may actually be the one you like the most.

However, consistently throughout history, Italian wines have been marked as the highest quality and value for wines from anywhere in the world! And rightly so; for centuries some of the most memorable and delicious wines have come from the many wine making regions in Italy.

One of the best italian wines - Montepulciano

It is important to know that the wines of Italy are greatly varied. No two are exactly alike. Wine is very common in and around Italy and because it is so popular there are many different types of wine produced and consumed throughout the country. Obviously, the two main distinctions between wines are their color – red and white. Italian wines are both red and white but that isn’t where it ends; it is just the beginning.

In Italy, there are

  • table wines,

  • dinner wines,

  • day wines,

  • and dessert wines.

Some of the best wines come from Italy!

Many wine critics and enthusiasts feel that some of the best wines in the world come from Italy. Because of this widely shared opinion, the demand for Italian wines is quite high. Though Italy is a fairly small country, it actually produces approximately 8 billion bottles of wine every single year.

However, in the case of Italian wine, quantity does not mean less quality – there are very stringent quality controls throughout Italy. For more than 4,000 years, wine has been a major commodity in Italy. Perhaps because of its lengthy history is why the best Italian wine available is also some of the most common wine available.

Excellent Italian wine bottles

In Italy, a large number of grape varieties grow that cannot exist in other parts of the world. This allows Italian wines to have an unmatched taste when compared to wines from other countries. Because wine is so easily grown and produced in the wine making regions of Italy, Italian wines come in a variety of prices. Some Italian wines are incredibly affordable while others may cost a whole week’s wages!

Italian wines that are best known throughout the world include

  • Moscato,

  • Barolo,

  • and Soave in addition to Chianti (which is a region)

However, limiting your knowledge to these four would be to deny yourself as there are many varieties of both red and white wines produced in Italy.

Other popular wines from Italy include those made from the Nebbiolo grape, the Dolcetto grape, and the Barbera. However, the Sangiovese grape may be the most famous of all Italian wine grapes.

How to pick the best Italian wine?

When it comes to deciding on the best Italian wine, it really does come down to your personal preferences and what suits your palate.

Though some will disagree, wine really is a matter of taste. What one person loves another will detest. This is true for all things – art, music, film, and wine. Learning what you love in the way of wine means that you have to experience it – the smell, the textures, and the tastes of the wine before you can choose which works best for you.

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